2020: A recap in Japan

Here’s a recap of how 2020 went for me here in Japan. Another year again in the land of the rising sun!

Discovering Japan: Ibaraki

Finally, the prefecture I am currently residing in! Unlike many foreigners, I am residing in Ibaraki prefecture and not Tokyo, although one day, I hope I can experience living there again. Ibaraki is gorgeous and definitely a place I would consider staying in, in my thirties with my family. It may be a mundane andContinue reading “Discovering Japan: Ibaraki”

Discovering Japan: Akita

Down south from Aomori, is Akita Prefecture. I first came across Akita because of its infamous Nyuto Onsen Village. I thought to myself, “I have to try my hands on it too!” When I was searching up places to stay in Akita, the only few options were Ryokans and that was the beginning of myContinue reading “Discovering Japan: Akita”