Tokyo Living: the two month mark

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Since my last update, I was still adjusting to my new life and job here in Tokyo. Safe to say, I am absolutely in awe and enjoying every bit of life in Tokyo.

My wallet not so.

¥800 aesthetic ice cream in Harajuku, Tokyo by Ichiyen

Despite having been in Tokyo for 2 months, I am still getting used to commuting to work early morning, and feeling awfully similar to a salary man. The morning commute just sucks my soul every morning.

On a similar note, work seems to be different everyday, unlike my previous work load which took a month to familiarize with. On my commute home, I just look forward to plopping down onto the sofa with a nice hot cup of tea.

Every morning, I feel the need of a nice hot cup of coffee to start the day.

I find myself missing my old students more and more each day, making me question my ultimate goal with the big career change.

Nevertheless, I have set out goals for my future career and life developments as I approach the big three O in a few years time. Rain or shine, I will still be steering myself into the directions of my career plans.

Rustic Ralph Lauren Shop in Harajuku, Tokyo by Ichiyen

The state of emergency has been lifted in Japan: more and more are coming out to bask in the sun in the city. For that, I am grateful to be living in central Tokyo as it is incredibly convenient to meet up with friends and explore Tokyo.

Fancy a panda bun from Chinatown Yokohama by Ichiyen

I hope with this uplift that fatty can return to Japan again. I have had friends with valid job prospects not being able to return to Japan for almost two years (eventually loosing that opportunity), hence the optimism is slowly setting in. Eyeing some pet friendly apartments in Tokyo (ahem).

Despite all the changes and optimism, I must say I love the neighborhood I am living in. I enjoy living with my housemate and the whole journey of transitioning into Tokyo from Moriya has been a smooth yet, stressful path.

Exploring Yokohama by Ichiyen

Unfortunately, I find my weekends to have just flown by in a space shuttle, only to be craving for Fridays every weekday >.<“

Oh, and my work shoes just look like black shoes now, even my drawings have faded T___T

Stay safe and see you next time!

Yen by Ichiyen


Oh, and can someone explain why there is a chime whenever it turns 5pm everyday here in Tokyo?


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