It feels like forever since I wrote anything, let alone an article or blog post. My career has shifted drastically away from creative writing and I find myself lost in translation. My mind thinks in Japanese and even as I started this blog post, my first thought started with ‘一イェンに久しぶりだね、この感じがなんか親知らずなー’ I have been using aContinue reading “Absence”

2020: A recap in Japan

Here’s a recap of how 2020 went for me here in Japan. Another year again in the land of the rising sun!

October 2020: Tuesday

Before I begin this post, I would like to make an announcement. There will not be a post next week as I will be away for work. Of course, I will resume my weekly blog updates. In the mean time, feel free to browse through my past works during the time I will be awayContinue reading “October 2020: Tuesday”


October A new season. The weather has gotten a lot colder and rainy. Seems like fall is coming faster than I imagined. Oh, and typhoons too. October is one of the busiest months for me at work. That said, there will be a halt in weekly posts from this week onwards till November rings inContinue reading “05.10.20”

Discovering Japan: Ibaraki

Finally, the prefecture I am currently residing in! Unlike many foreigners, I am residing in Ibaraki prefecture and not Tokyo, although one day, I hope I can experience living there again. Ibaraki is gorgeous and definitely a place I would consider staying in, in my thirties with my family. It may be a mundane andContinue reading “Discovering Japan: Ibaraki”

September 2020: Monday

September A new season. However, the weather is still rainy and super humid. It is going to be a while before it is fall, my favourite season of all. It is getting rather busy here at work as we are nearing into October, one of the busiest seasons for me. I thought I’d show howContinue reading “September 2020: Monday”