Tokyo living : the third week

Hello again.

I should come up with a catch phrase for my opening one of these days.

I have been meaning to update on my second week but have just been exhausted lately.

Walking is a part of life in Japan. Custom made design by Yen of Ichiyen.

It has been really challenging the past few days and weeks, adjusting to my new life in Tokyo. I seem to be enjoying life with a pinch of worry at the back of my mind.

My new job starts at a different shift altogether from my previous job. The commute time is 5 times longer here in Tokyo than Moriya. I am still adjusting to this new lifestyle.

On the weekends, I have just been resting up. I guess when I moved to the city and have to commute to work, on the weekends I get a little lazy to commute again. But of course, that will change over time.

I am telling myself to take it day by day, and to treat myself a little kinder.

I have started to take studying Japanese a lot more seriously instead of relying on anime only. Japanese is crucial in living in Japan especially with every day life (take note for those planning to come and live in Japan).

We all have goals to achieve, let’s aim for the stars everyday.

Evening sunset in Shinagawa, Tokyo by Ichiyen.



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