Discovering Japan: Akita

Down south from Aomori, is Akita Prefecture.

I first came across Akita because of its infamous Nyuto Onsen Village. I thought to myself, “I have to try my hands on it too!”

When I was searching up places to stay in Akita, the only few options were Ryokans and that was the beginning of my Ryokan journey and experience here in Japan.

Before we proceed, I did not really travel around Akira apart from the Nyuto Onsens ,henceforth, food was not a main criterion I may share but one thing I would share:

Miso Soup

Akita Miso Onsen by Ichiyen

Akita has a rather different Miso soup flavour. The soup is usually thick and has tons of mushrooms and natto in it. Sometimes it has a clear based that is hard to replicate.

Next up, the main highlight of Akita Prefecture:


Before moving to Japan, I had no interest in hot spring baths. Heck, I didn’t even know about them. I always heard of stories that everyone shares a bath together but I never really thought deep into it. {そなちょっと変の感じだった}-it was always a rather strange topic for me.

It’s really not that bad.


It's actually pretty great.

The outdoor hot-springs along with the winter snow fall, just perfect.

Being respectful is top priority, henceforth why we do not stare at one another even at the locker rooms.

Casual conversations are one of the best things about onsens. Even though we do not judge or stare at each other’s bodies, we still have friendly casual conversations just to get to know one another

There are a few onsens in Akita but my local ryokan host recommended Ganiba Onsen (蟹場温泉). Unlike the super famous ones, I prefer the rather smaller homey comfortable ones. When I saw Ganiba onsen, I really wanted to live there. The small setting was pleasantly comforting and warm.

Outdoor Onsen at Ganiba Onsen, Akita

Watching the snow fall and cover up the roads in Akita was like being in one of those movies sitting on the window aisle, contemplating on life.

Well more like Charlie Brown.

Ryokan Living

Akita by Ichiyen

My first ryokan experience started here at Akita. The food, the people, the experience. The snow made it a whole lot more wonderful. That’s when I felt that Japan was welcoming (and unwelcoming), in many ways.


Up north of Japan in the Tohoku regions, there are vast ski-ing options available other than onsens.

Of course, that is if you are up for it.

Many travel to Tohoku (not only Hokkaido) for ski-ing trips whilst staying in a relaxing ryokan.

Mountain Terrain

As usual, up north in the Tohuku region of Japan, there is gonna be a lot of mountain terrain. Its gorgeous, and you will feel like you are in the suburban areas of Japan. No doubt, not everyone likes the suburban areas, but well, I do.

Akita by Ichiyen

Till next time,

Akita by Ichiyen



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