Mr Fletcher’s cat

Mr Fletcher was our not so friendly neighbour.

We never saw him which makes me wonder

Is Mr Fletcher a man or a ghost?

Does he wear shoes and eat plain toast?

Or would he rather, a pot roast?

Perhaps Mr Fletcher would care for some meat loaf?

“It’s time for bed!”

Mom comes to tuck me in.

I stare out to Mr Fletcher’s house.

Let’s dream about it amidst the clouds.

If his house is filled with many many, clowns.

The next morning comes

It’s time for school!

Will we learn anything cool?

What’s that?

A cat?

On Mr Fletcher’s mat?

Could it be Mr Fletcher’s pet?

Well, no time for that

I’ve got things to do at school!

School was fun!

But I’m glad it’s done!

I can’t wait to go out and run!

From the corner of Mr Fletcher’s house,

A tail amongst the bush.

“Why hello there, Mr Puss!”

“Aren’t you a cute kitty”

“Oh, and so so, pretty”

“Time for dinner!”

“Oh, what a pickle!”

I silently whisper.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!

To play in our secret burrow.

Goodnight, my little fellow.

Mr Fletcher is in his garden today!

“Hi Mr Fletcher,

Will your cat come out and play?”

Mr Fletcher chuckles.

A grin above his chin!

“His name is Boo”

Boo: “It’s nice to meet you too

My tiny neighbour, Sue”

– The end

All pictures and story line are copyrights of Ichi Yen. Story by Yen, owner of Ichi Yen.


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