It feels like forever since I wrote anything, let alone an article or blog post.

My career has shifted drastically away from creative writing and I find myself lost in translation.

My mind thinks in Japanese and even as I started this blog post, my first thought started with ‘一イェンに久しぶりだね、この感じがなんか親知らずなー’

I have been using a lot of Japanese with conversations, writings and even in readings. Am I loosing touch with english over time?

My writing job with Taiken Japan, ended last week due to Covid-19, and I realised how much I’ve been absent away from my writing career and business. I have not checked my blog nor shop for a while and have been busy with life, in general, I suppose.

Have I always been so absent in general, with everything.

Absence makes my fingers stutter


I decided to start a twitter account last month. Where I record my daily life in Japanese, as a Japanese electronic diary (this kinda doesn’t make sense now that I read it out loud). I may be absent here but I am never truly away. A short 250 word limit space is great practice ground for my thoughts and fingers. Of course, as a writer, the touch of a physical keyboard cannot be replaced by the mere word limits and touch screens cellphones offer. But it is a start.

There are occasional English tweets in the mix. So, I’ll see some of you on twitter, I guess (?)

疲れった。I don’t know if you can tell from my words that I am really tired from work XP

Till next time, また今度ね.

Peace out.