Discovering Japan: Ibaraki

Finally, the prefecture I am currently residing in!

Unlike many foreigners, I am residing in Ibaraki prefecture and not Tokyo, although one day, I hope I can experience living there again.

Ibaraki is gorgeous and definitely a place I would consider staying in, in my thirties with my family. It may be a mundane and not so popular place to visit but I hope as I continue exploring and living in this beautiful town, the mindsets and impressions will change in time.


Natto (Fermented Beans)

I wasn’t a fan of natto prior to moving to Japan. It takes a lot of convincing for many, but, not for me. I love Ibaraki for this- one set of three boxes could come up to the cost of ¥150 in the city, but in Ibaraki, it would cost from ¥60 to ¥80.

Since I eat at home a lot, I will have to update this episode in part 2 in the future again.

Time for some exploring!

Summer / Spring / Autumn

Ibaraki has a lot of sight-seeing spots available all year round. Let’s get into it.

Country Side

I live in a rather rural side of Ibaraki. It’s the little-est things places that makes living in Japan so much more sureal.

Walking distance from my place lies, Omenuma Bridge. The country side has a nostalgic smell, and the scene is simply beautiful. Many go fishing here.

Most of the time, I would just walk to the country side and watch them hard at work. I admire how age and weather ain’t gettin’ in the way.

Ibaraki by Ichiyen

Parks & Shrines

Ibaraki, like most of Japan, has a wide number of parks and shrines that are gorgeous to visit. Of course, I will not miss out on Hitachi Seaside Park that is incredible famous and gorgeous during the spring season.

File:Miharashino Oka (Hitachi Seaside Park) 17.jpg
Photo by Unknown from commons.wikimedia.

By Mito, there is also Kairakuen and Howaen garden that are both gorgoeous.

A top one on my list is, Oarai Isosaki Shrine. I’ve never been, but I always wanted to go. I imagine the place to be just as the pictured depict.

Down south is Kasama city, which is famous for Kasama Inari Shrine and Kasamatsutsuji Park. Needless to say, there are a ton of parks around the whole prefecture that is worth visiting. A last one to add to the list is Tsuchiura City Kasumigaura Comprehensive Park in Tsukuba city.


Ushiku is a city in Ibaraki. Many do not know of this city. It has one of the biggest buddha statues in Japan that is even taller than the statue of liberty. I present you Ushiku Buddha.

Close to the buddha statue, lies an outlet mall. Shopping, shopping. I’ve never been because I got no moneh, but on the bus ride home I see many happy faces and bags. Jealous.


Even though Ibaraki is not surrounded by mountain terrains, there is still, one or two mountains in Ibaraki.

One is, Mount Tsukuba.


During summer, beaches are a popular spot to hang out at. I have not been to one in Ibaraki yet as most of them are really far away, and I have yet to get my drivers license here in Japan. But a recommendation I cannot miss is “大竹海岸” beach in Hokota.

File:Otake Coast 14.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Picture by Unknown on commons.wikimedia

It’s pretty isn’t it.

Cafe hopping

I never thought this would be a thing while traveling but through my experience living and mingling with my co-workers who are locals, I realised cafe hopping is pretty fun experience here in Ibaraki.

That’s it for now.

Ibaraki by Ichiyen

Hope to share more of Ibaraki in the future.



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