September 2020: Monday

September 2020: Monday


A new season.

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However, the weather is still rainy and super humid. It is going to be a while before it is fall, my favourite season of all.

It is getting rather busy here at work as we are nearing into October, one of the busiest seasons for me.

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I thought I’d show how Mondays are like before halloween comes for me, in my daily life here in Japan.

Welcome, the the inside look.

Mondays, are my most dreaded days as I get back to work again. But comparing to my other days, Mondays are the least crowded ones.

My shift is usually from 11am to 8pm (the last shift) and since I’m the only native English speaker at work, my shift is fixed for now. It will change as we progress in this series.

Since it is my forth-coming-to-fifth month at work here in Moriya, my daily routine is rather fixed.

It takes me at least 12 minutes to walk to work. I have a bike from a friend, but the bike is way too big and high for me (my friend was a big dude) so I still prefer to walk for now.

Ibaraki by Ichiyen

Since the weather started cooking down a lot since summer, the walks aren’t that sweaty any longer. Though I do miss getting my daily tanning sessions.

My workplace is rather chill, once I get to work, I clock in, change to my work outfit and then start planning for the day.

On Mondays, I get real busy at around 4pm all the way to 6:30pm with little to no break. It’s one of my easier days out of the week (you’ll see.)

The last hour of work is meant for clean up. I usually clean my workplace together with my co-workers who end at that shift too. My most dreaded hour. Yes, toilets are included too.

I leave right at 8pm. Right now, fatty is still staying with me so he makes our meals (lunch and dinner). I am grateful to come home to him at the end of the day. By the time I get home, I’m all worn out, heading into the showers before dinner.

My day doesn’t end there.

On Mondays, I usually do little to no work. I mainly focus on relaxing from all the side work from the weekends. To be honest, I do little work on my side venture and Ichiyen on the weekdays, especially after the brutal physical toll from work. I deserve a break so I mainly just watch Anime to honne my Japanese skills. Or so, I think. Hey, a break is a break だね。

Once I come home from work on Mondays, the weekdays don’t feel that long anymore.


Stay tune for more.

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