An Inside Look: Life in Japan (An Introduction)

An Inside Look: Life in Japan (An Introduction)

Long weekend off before the brutal October steps in with lots of overtime work expected.

In light of the holidays, I have decided to introduce a new series to my blog this week.

An inside look.

Life in Japan as a foreigner is a lot different compared to travels in Japan as a foreigner. Some days, it’s hard to piece them into words.

I will be mixing things up a little in here, between the Discovering Japan and An Inside Look series, on my weekly posts.

This series is targeted to help readers around the world sort of gauge what life is like here in Japan, holding a fixed 9 hours job, in a Japanese work culture setting, shopping and binging on anime and YouTube during the weekends. You know, typical stuff a boring young adult would do, especially during Covid.

I guess it would be a mini “A day in my life” series.

If you have any specific topic you would like me to discuss in this series, please feel free to drop me a message.

Welcome onboard. I’ll see you around.

Ibaraki by Ichiyen


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