Discovering Japan: An introduction


A country many adore, a culture many are intrigued by, and a travel destination many dream of. A journey many save up for.

Kyoto by Ichiyen.

My first trip to Japan three years ago left an imprint, one that is not easily erased away. Exploring the outskirts of Japan, left me baffled for words. The beauty and culture altogether makes one craving for more. And yet, the complexity of visiting areas inaccessible without a car, left me rather frustrated.

Traveling around Japan by car is undeniably a much more convenient way. Cost effective if one may say. But how often does one travel by foot to the rare remote areas?

Well aware of the flexibility bicycles and cars provide, yet a part of adventuring on foot leaves a light scent in my memory.

As I venture into the many prefectures here in Japan, I hope my pen downed thoughts and experiences help many of you in learning English whilst discovering Japan and its rather inaka areas. The areas I hope to one day settle in, along with my goals.


Ichi Yen


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